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Every patient deserves the best treatment with the highest level of personal care, and Stonebridge Surgery Center (SBSC) offers just that—right here in McKinney. Our leading surgeons and clinical staff provide the most advanced surgical procedures available, employing the finest technology and the latest techniques to achieve desired outcomes and minimize discomfort. Our patients and their families appreciate our homelike environment and trust us to deliver unparalleled levels of individualized care.

SBSC performs same-day procedures for conditions that cannot be handled in your physician’s office but do not require an overnight hospital stay. Your procedure and care will be provided by the same leading surgeons and expertly trained clinical staff found in larger facilities—but at a cost savings to you, your insurance provider and your employer.

Our comprehensive surgical services include: General Surgery, Laparoscopic or Minimally Invasive Surgery, Neurological Surgery, Orthopedics, Otolaryngology (ENT), Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (Pain Management), Pediatrics, and Reconstructive Procedures.

Latest News

  • Because Life is not a Spectator Sport.

    Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Care to Keep You and Your Family in the Game. Stonebridge Surgery Center is a proud supporter of active lifestyles. Whether you are in high school sports, a weekend recreation enthusiast or simply someone that tackles life head-on, we don’t want to see you on the sidelines. Our team of Orthopedic surgeons […]

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  • Extraordinary Specialists in General Surgery

    Just as importantly, specialists in patient care. At Stonebridge Surgery Center we believe our “general” is truly “extraordinary.” The practice area of general surgery encompasses a vast array of surgical conditions. As a result, our surgeons are continuously honing their skills in order to bring you the “specialized” care you deserve, even in the field of […]

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